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Let your PoS print your orders at home from your online store.

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Data Collaboration

Like to mash up your data accross Cloud Platforms and home grown solutions?. - Talk to us.

Connect your Things

Make your things talk meaningfull data accross multiple Cloud Platforms.

Digital Booth

Like to demonstrate your products on a virtual event?. Let us help you.

Wearable computing

You have some ideas of kniting some computing power. We might have done it already for you.

Own your Data

Sick of sending data to Hyperscalers, but still want to own your data at your own place?. We have something you can afford.

Connecting machines to cloud platforms

Industrial machines are usually controlled by PLCs or Single board computers. We understand industry standard protocols like OPC UA, SECS GEM, DNP3, SEP, etc.

Solar and storage grid Integrations

Continued improvement in the cost and efficiency of solar technology hints at a future in which utilities will need to accommodate high levels of variable distributed power generation on their transmission and distribution systems. The communicationconnectedness of these diverse, often small-scale devices will be an essential factor in enabling their widespread integration

Artificial intelligence in automobile industry

Applications of AI in the automotive industry is not just limited to autonomous driving alone.

Be it a large enterprise or a small mid size company, our approach is well grounded to understand the challanges customers face. AI is interesting, but we look at the practical aspect of it.

Hybrid deployments

Very often our customers do not want their data in any cloud. They like to own their data. They like to decide which data needs to be collected or sent to a cloud provider. This leads to a situation where data is distributed and needs data collaboration

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