1. What is a Cloud Printing service ?.

As restaurants were asked to close for COVID-19 pandemic, they adapted their business to pick up or door deliver food. With the help of a cloud printing service, customers were able to order their menu which would then be printed directly at the kitchen of the restaurant. In parallel a delivery slip and pick up slips would be also printed for logistics purposes

2.How does a Cloud Printer work ?.

It is the usual printer which you see at the point of sale, except it is equiped with an MQTT Client to communicate with a Cloud based printing service

3.Can I own such a service ?.

We either run this service for you or you can run it on your own using any Cloud service provider who allows cloud based application hosting.

4.Where do I buy such a printer

If you are interested, please get in touch with us, we will guide you to the right vendor who suites your business needs.

6.What is your IoT Platform ?.

It is a combination of RUST & GO based distributed, highly available, hardware scalable, hybrid micro services.

7.Who owns the data ?.

Our main business is building software that works and affordable. You have the option of running it on your own hardware or cloud service provider where you have the right to own all of your data. If we run the service for your business, you own the entire data set that your devices generate.

8.What kind of devices do you support ?.

We do not require a data model or a payload structure. Hence, we can easily accomodate brown or green field devices. Only need is to send your data in HTTP and we are working on supporting other protocols. We build a lot of custom adaptations, reach us to know how we can serve your needs.